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About Double Wire

Douglas Watkin Double Wire ProductionsDouble Wire ProductionsDouglas WatkinDouble Wire Productions Double Wire Productions

Brisbane-based filmmaker Douglas Watkin (BA VA. Dip Ed) was born in Cairns, Far North Queensland. His broadcasting filmmaking career began working in television (SBS Network 1995) doing small news reports and producing various corporate videos. Douglas has been actively working in the filmmaking Industry for over 20 years.

Douglas established Double Wire Productions in 2000. Since Double Wire Productions has travelled shooting and producing stories on wide ranging events, people and places, drama, sharing stories of Indigenous Australia.

As filmmakers and storytellers Double Wire Productions, under the guidance and founder Douglas Watkin, have produced various short documentaries, Feature documentaries, corporate videos and interactive web based applications. The highly creative, experienced and professionally qualified team has worked in almost every genre in television, government and the private sector.

The Double Wire team has travelled Nationally and Internationally filming documentaries and showcasing a range of different stories and cultural events.

View Showreel here.


ELLA - feature documentary

CIAF2011 The Queen & I

The Queen & I Media

The Queen & I - Courier Mail 5 July 2011 (PDF)